dcanorthcoast December 1, 2015

Come join Lakefront Leagues at North Coast Harbor, hosted by the City of Cleveland and Downtown Cleveland Alliance.

Welcome! Planning a trip to Downtown Cleveland's lakefront district, North Coast Harbor?  Let us help guide you for

The 4.5-acre Voinovich Bicentennial Park is at the north end of the East Ninth Street Pier, along the

The USS Cod is a retired World War II SS-224 submarine, moored at Cleveland’s North Coast Harbor. This

dcanorthcoast December 6, 2012

North Coast Harbor has beautiful views of the city and Lake Erie, making our lakefront property an unforgettable

dcanorthcoast December 6, 2012

The district is home to world-class venues and local institutions punctuated with park space and waterfront vistas. [row][span